Vermicomposting Services


  • Municipal Waste Reduction
  • Bio-remediation
  • Cleaning up Rivers (Click Here)

Delivery and Application

  • Liquid Magix Worm Tea
  • Magix Soil AmendmentWorm2
  • Residential or Commercial


  • Residential Landscaping Needs
  • Commercial Landscaping Needs
  • Municipal Waste Reduction

We supply and sell Organic Landscaping products to Geneva, Canandaigua, Penn Yan, Bloomfield, Seneca Falls, Waterloo, Phelps, Clifton Springs, Manchester, Finger Lakes, Rochester and everything in between! We have Worm Poop with Worm Power!

Hi-Zor Farms, Distributor and Operations
2255 County Rd 4
Seneca Castle NY  14547