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Food Waste REcycle

We can be a partner for the long run.

The organic waste your facility produces does not have to cost you money. Using a process called vermicomposting, the rapidly transforms your organic waste into worm castings, a highly-valuable soil amendment and worm tea that can be sold at a prime cost. The boom in popularity of organic gardening methods plus the loosening of hemp and marijuana laws has exploded the demand for worm castings as it is a popular, but hard-to-procure soil amendment.

The Red Wiggler Appetite!

Worms love to eat and spend most of their time doing so. Just like you and I, worms have culinary likes and dislikes.

Food Waste

Your kitchen restaurant or school. We can advise the do's and don't's.

Yard Trimmings

Leaves and other plant waste are the perfect food for composting worms.


Shredded cardboard, paper bags, non-glossy newspaper.

Onsite Vermicomposting

Safe, sustainable waste solutions for cities and towns.

  • We implement the process
  • We maintain trenches
  • You obtain soil amendment and worm ade extract
Regenerative Agriculture

Worm cast extract will bring the life back to your soil, ensuring the transference of minerals and absorption of nutrients that otherwise wouldn’t make it to your crop.

  • Soil regeneration
  • Healthy soil food web
  • Larger yields from harvest
Farm Vermicompost
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