Vermiculture Products made from Worm Castings

We recommend you spray with worm casting tea to create  healthier plants. There are tremendous benefits from the foliar application of  worm casting tea

  • Safe for your fish (a very big advantage)
  • We use pure organic worm castings to create our vermi-compost products
  • The worm casting tea is non-toxic to plants, fish, pets or people.
  • By spraying the worm tea on your plants (under the leaves as well as on top) and over your seed trays (seed nursery), you’re adding nutrients directly to your growing plants and making them healthier and minimizing any potential problems.
  • Since you’re spraying the leaves and fruit/vegetables, pathogens are less likely to attack your plants because you’re adding beneficial microbes (very important to healthy plant growth) to the surface of the plants.
  • Worm casting tea used as a foliar spray is beneficial and controls many fugal problems like black spot, black mildew and tomato blight, to mention a few.
  • Testing proves that there are microorganism properties in the worm casting tea that act as an insect repellent for many insects such as aphids, white fly, spider mites, and other small bugs that eat plant juices. This is due to enzyme released in the worm tea called chitinase which will dissolve chitin which is the exoskeleton of an insect.









Magix Worm Ade Liquid Plant FoodMagix Worm Ade Vermiculture Products Made from Worm Castings

Magix Worm Ade is a concentrated, organic liquid soil amendment that provides the easiest possible care for your lawn or garden. Containing nutrients, aerobic bacterial microbes and worm castings in a solution, Magix Worm Ade contributes to the health of your lawn, trees, shrubs, vegetable gardens, flower gardens and house plants.

Use in diluted form on a regular basis to establish strong root system.

No Odor!
Not a chemical – Won’t burn plants!         
Improves crop yield!
Enhances till-ability of land!
100% Safe  for the environment!

*Minimum delivery 3 yards – rates vary by location. Our service area includes:

Avon | Bloomfield | Brighton | Brockport | Caledonia | Canandaigua | Churchville | East Rochester | Fairport | Farmington | Gates | Greece | Hamlin | Henrietta | Hilton | Industry | Irondequoit | Lima | Livingston County | Macedon | Marion | Mendon | Morton | North Chili | Ontario | Ontario County | Palmyra | Penfield | Pittsford | Rochester – Downtown | Rush | Scottsville | Spencerport | Victor | Walworth | Wayne County | Webster | Williamson



Bulk Orders Available All YearWorm Casting Products

Magix Soil Amendment
Solid Plant FoodMagix Soil Amendment Vermiculture Product

Magix Soil Amendment is a scientifically developed organic compound made from worm castings derived from decomposition of agricultural waste, vegetable waste and organic materials.  Thousands of red worms help create Magix in a built-in collection system constructed to N.Y.S.D.E.C. specifications.  The process takes six months to complete,& the resulting nutrients are de-watered to allow optimum microbial action & worm activity to your lawn or garden.

No chemical runoff in lakes or rivers!       
Will not burn plants!
Does not foam when mixing!
100% Safe and Organic for the environment!