Organic Fertilizer vs. Chemical Fertilizer

good_for_natureChemical fertilizers add nutrients to the soil, but they don’t add anything else. Plants need more than just nutrients to survive. They also need organic matter and living organisms.

Synthetic fertilizers do not support microbiological life in the soil. The application of a synthetic fertilizer actually kills a significant percentage of beneficial microorganisms. These tiny creatures are responsible for breaking down organic matter into a stable amendment for improving soil quality and fertility. Organic materials introduce beneficial microorganisms into the soil’s complex mix. Our organic plant food contains an astonishing variety of microbes, many of which may be beneficial in controlling pathogens. Beneficial microbes help to control plant pathogens.

Organic matter improves water retention, air infiltration, enhances soil fertility and overall soil structure

Healthy plants need healthy soil, and “Dirt” becomes fertile soil only when nature’s balance of components are in place: Organic Matter, Living Organisms, Moisture, and Nutrients for both plants and their essential buddies, microorganisms.

From lawns to potted plants, both established and new plantings will benefit from the addition of earthworms and earthworm castings. Our organic soil amendment and worm tea will not burn!

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